D. L. Orton

I spent six months searching for an editor for what became my award-winning cross-genre sci-fi novel Crossing In Time: The 1st Disaster. As part of my research, I evaluated sample edits from more than ten professional editors, but Dave’s insightful, specific, and comprehensive suggestions at thEditors.com were far and away the best—and his prices were substantially lower than most!

Dave’s editorial work on Crossing In Time extended far beyond copyediting and delved into plotting, pacing, and even character motivations. Still, his most valuable skill is his uncanny ability to work within your voice to make the manuscript the best it can be. He addressed everything from character-specific word-usage to weak scenes to changing the weather to strengthen the emotional power of a setting. Wow. His diplomatic suggestions created faster pacing, stronger scenes, and more emotionally charged characters—all at a price lower then what others were charging for line edits only.

Dave is reliable, efficient, and has high professional standards, but on top of that, he’s a pleasure to work with! Needless to say, I’ve contracted him to be editor-in-chief for all the books in the Between Two Evils Series.

As a debut author, I highly recommend thEditors.com to anyone who plans to submit to an agent or publisher, and especially anyone planning to self-publish. If you’re motivated to be the best writer you can be, work with Dave, and the results will speak for themselves. Working with him is the best thing that has ever happened to my writing.

~ D. L. Orton, graduate of the Stanford Writer’s Workshop and Novel Beginnings Award Winner, author of Crossing In Time, Lost Time, Dead Time and more.


Betta Ferrendelli

“I learned of Dave Taylor and thEditors through my Twitter account and contacted him for editing services for my mystery series.

That was three books ago.

Each time I have used thEditors’ services, I have been more than pleased. Each of my books has improved significantly from a grammatical standpoint to the storyline itself. I could not be happier with the work Dave and ThEditors have done with my work.

Dave clearly understands that the revisions process is not only one of the most crucial aspects to writing a novel, but also a delicate one that involves telling the author what’s needed to take their work to the next level. Dave does every aspect of his job carefully, proficiently and diplomatically.

He clearly understands what is needed to make the storyline improve and come alive. I have been pleased with everything about thEditors—they are prompt and professional and I believe my mystery series is much better after having worked with Dave.

I not only plan to continue to use thEditors for my mystery series in the future, but I would highly encourage any writer who wants to improve the quality of their work to also consider using thEditors. I can say with confidence that you will not be disappointed.”

Betta Ferrendelli

Author of Last ThingsThe Friday Edition, Revenge is SweetDead Wrong, Cold Case No 99-5219An Invincible Summer and many more.


Kristin Ward

Entering the world of self-publishing is a daunting prospect. As a new author, I spent hours researching editing dos and don’ts, reading through countless forums, and asking friends and relatives to play the part of amateur editor. Then I came across Dave’s twitter account. This was the turning point in fulfilling my vision for my book.

I began my journey with Dave by submitting the first 3,000 words of my manuscript for a free review. What I received upon completion surpassed all expectations! Dave’s feedback reflected both an attention to detail and incredible insight into the foundational ideas of the book and characters. He truly understood the story I was telling. Needless to say, there was no hesitation when I was provided a very reasonable quote for developmental and copyediting services.

As Dave and I began to work together, he welcomed my inquiries and provided wonderful suggestions to help me see the flow of the story and character development from an outsider’s perspective. This is an important idea in the growth of a novel from inception to completion. Without his insight, I was stuck in my own version of the tale and missed important elements that ended up providing a richer context for my characters and a stronger plot.

The first round of editing was filled with lengthy comments and suggestions that inspired me to delve back into the work and flesh out the story. I cannot emphasize how perfect our pairing was. Dave got me. He knew where I wanted to take my reader and even provided ideas that I had already included in the second book, further evidence of how in tune he was to the story. Once the first round of work was finished, Dave took another look at my edits and provided a second round of less intensive suggestions.

Dave Taylor at theEditors.com provides professional and knowledgeable editing that will enable you to weave a story that captures the heart of the tale you want to tell. He won’t just make your story a bit better, he will make it a lot better!

Kristin Ward, author of The Girl of Dorcha Wood, After the Green Withered, The Rise of Gaia and more.


Maurice Barkley

When I was looking for an editor I needed expertise, straight talk and someone interested in my genre. With thEditors I got all three and more. I even got ideas that added new elements to the plot. Dave is a truly fantastic editor. After almost a decade of working with him I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Of course, I have saved the original manuscripts. These days I’m not sure why. Even if you stop by the house, I won’t let you read them.

This experience has been like hiring a trainer to help me lose weight and get in shape. The process is not easy and at times uncomfortable, but the trainer has my best interests in mind and knows the road to success.

You, the reader, may be waffling about hiring thEditors for your work. If you believe in what you have written, start the process – your dreams are on the line. Give them their greatest chance.

Maurice Barkley.

Author of Lost and Forgotten,  Lost and Forgotten: Book 2 The Secret Path, Lost and Forgotten: Book 3 Enigma, Sherlock Holmes: Adventure in Casablanca and many more.


Marcus Lopes

Praise for thEditors and Dave Taylor!

In today’s publishing world, I knew I needed a professional edit of my manuscript. I searched the Internet for possible editors, evaluating the services they offered for the price demanded. After every search I kept coming back to thEditors, who I found through Twitter. So I contacted them. I’m convinced it’ll be one of the best decisions of my writing career.

From my first interaction with Dave, his comments were not only encouraging but on point. He helped me to see which characters needed further development, and identified repetitive language and phrasing. He pointed out plot contradictions and my overuse of the “ly” adjectives. He suggested some scenes could be cut, something that made me nervous. I appreciated his thoughts on what the reader might be thinking at a certain point in the novel. That was reassurance that my message getting across.

The chapter impressions, together with the line by line edit, made revising an enjoyable experience. It was great that Dave was approachable, always willing to answer questions I had about one of his comments in a timely manner. His insights helped me to tighten the plot, create engaging (although not always likeable) characters, and a better book overall.

If your manuscript needs editing, I highly recommend thEditors. You won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t.

I look forward to working with thEditors and Dave Taylor on my next book!

Marcus Lopes.

Author of  ‘Flowers Need Watering’, Broken Man Broke, and more.


Alice Bell

My novel was a hot mess when I found thEditors. I had spent a year writing it and was going into the second year, editing it myself. There were the good parts  – they kept me going. There were the other parts – they made me sick inside. I forged ahead. Months went by. And then…I was ready to publish! By this time, I was in a bit of a hurry. Didn’t matter that there were still sickening scenes in the manuscript. I skipped past them and told myself I was too close to the story.

I’d heard about thEditors (they were universally regarded as the best by several of my writing friends) and sent out my urgent missive. Desperately Seeking Line Edit. I followed the directions on their website and submitted the first 3k words of my novel. Dave Taylor contacted me, claiming he had some exciting ideas about my manuscript. What? Obviously, he’d got me confused with someone else, someone who had not spent a year-and-half writing and REWRITING. But I read the email anyway. (I’m a voyeur.) It was LONG. And it was great. His ideas were exciting. I couldn’t resist.

So the process started. It was FUN. Inspiring. In the end, I got exactly what I didn’t know I needed – guidance, support and an amazing developmental edit.  If you need an editor, and you want the best, talk to Dave. You will not be disappointed. If you’re the type of writer who can do it all by yourself, CALL 9-1-1 and ask for Dave.

Alice Bell – Author of Kiss the Stars (Devon Slaughter Book 1) and Night of the Demon (Devon Slaughter Book 2)


Diana Wilder

I am currently working with thEditors on a series of historical novels set in Egypt.  I had been able to observe their methods and feedback prior to contacting them.  When I did send a small piece for editing, I found their work extremely valuable, and have retained them to work on my novels.

It goes without saying that they are knowledgeable about the mechanics of writing. They understand and capture punctuation issues (the difficult semicolon, for example).  They also highlight any grammar issues that are separate from stylistic usage.

While these are important and essential, their most valuable service for me is their feedback on the story itself.  Inconsistencies in characterization.  Observations on a developing plotline, their reaction to a character.  Suggestions on how use a few words to make a group of characters a collection of individuals.  This is done well, thoroughly and tactfully.

My dealings with thEditors are notable for ease of communication – they are very accessible – and promptness of response.  When they provide their feedback, it is in a document that incorporates the submission and their comments or suggested corrections (they are never arbitrary).  At least two pairs of eyes review each submission, and each person provides his/her comments and opinions.

Their style of working is agreeable, understanding and never arbitrary (except for punctuation foul-ups).

I have enjoyed my dealings with thEditors, and plan to continue with them on existing and future works.

Diana Wilder.

Author of: Pharaoh’s Son, Mourningtide and many more.


Karl Holton

I‘d been searching for an editor for my first book, ‘The Weight of Shadows’ for about a month and not found anyone that I felt suited what I needed. I was completely new to creative writing and well aware that I needed guidance on top of plain honest editing. I wanted to be challenged on the quality of the narrative and told when I was simply pointing in the wrong direction.

As an indie author, the primary reason you hire an editor is because you need someone who objectively looks at your manuscript and tells you everything that is wrong with it. This is not a pleasant experience, which is why so many don’t do it and blindly walk out into the wilderness without having their work edited. This is a huge mistake. I believe that most readers will spot an unedited book within one page and that is fatal because editing has one purpose; to end up with a better book. So if your reader spots it, they know they are reading an inferior product to what it could be straight away. Every moment you’re working through those comments you need to believe that your editor only has that goal in mind because it should make you focus on the process, assuming you want a better book.

I came across Dave on Twitter and after a few emails and seeing just how he approached the process I decided to work with him. I now count it as one of the best decisions I made when starting to write because he gives me forthright honest editing and I know whatever he says to me he wants one thing; to work with me to write a better book.

I cannot recommend Dave highly enough.


Author of: The Weight of Shadows and The Wait for Shadows


Corben Duke

This website’s home page poses the question ‘Who are “thEditors” and what will they do for you?’ The answer is that they are nothing less than a fearless team of editing Superheroes.

You’ve seen Thunderbirds on TV, right? – Something awful happens and the Thunderbirds spring into action to save the day. Well, thEditors are a literary version of those puppet-heroes. But, instead of rescuing villages from bursting dams, or containing exploding uranium mines, or stopping out-of-control bullet trains, thEditors save manuscripts from certain disaster.

A few years ago Mark Roman and I wrote a Sci-Fi Comedy called The Worst Man on Mars. The bits Mark wrote were brilliant, first-rate, couldn’t be faulted (or so he kept telling me). Unfortunately, the bits that I wrote were total rubbish, the ramblings of an idiot (again, his opinion, but for once I agreed). Not really my fault. I was taught English by a Taiwanese robot created in a poorly funded experimental programme set up in the 1970s that had gone horribly wrong. Anyway, poor Mr Roman was saddled with me and a book that needed saving. That’s when Dave (thEditors’s own Scott Tracy) stepped in.

Mark and I were delighted to find that Dave shares our sense of humour and, more importantly, was up for the challenge. He even joined in and contributed his own jokes – which we happily stole. The whole editing experience was more fun than we had anticipated. He has a sharp eye for detail, both in terms of grammar, spelling and consistency, as well as in terms of the story as a whole. He picked up a couple of plot-holes, and made some very sound suggestions about the characters.

It would be an exaggeration to say thEditors turned our manuscript into the funniest book ever written. But at least, thanks to Dave, it’s now funnier than the Conservative Party Election Manifesto, The Highway Code and Jimmy Tarbuck’s Bumper Book of Jokes (1978). Indeed, so successful was thEditor’s edit, the book made Publishers Weekly’s best-reviewed fiction for July.

I have no hesitation in recommending thEditors.

Mark Roman: Do I get a say here? Corben Duke: No.

Corben Duke, is co-author of sci-fi comedy The Worst Man on Mars, by Mark Roman & Corben Duke, published in 2016 by Grand Mal Press.


L.J. Kendall

I found ThEditors via a Tweet that mentioned their offer of a free assessment of the first few thousand words of your MS.  At that time (April 2015), I’d been polishing the book over many years, and felt it was finally ready.  In my mind, the assessment would be a quick check that it was indeed ready for publication.

That initial free assessment I received from ThEditors arrived sooner than I had expected, and the email explained several significant issues. Every point that Dave made, I saw excellent sense in; and each taught me something.  The points were not obvious until they had been pointed out.  At that point I decided I would indeed like to pay for a full assessment, after I had attended to all the points he had made.  Dave and I exchanged some emails, during which he impressed me with both his honesty and his integrity.  And a mention of an attachment made me wonder whether I might possibly have overlooked something in his original email assessment…

I certainly had!  Dave had attached a fully-marked up copy of the sample of my MS, line by line, with many detailed comments.  Which I had completely overlooked, because there was so much “meat” in his email.  Feeling like an idiot, I then went back to my MS and made still more improvements.

The full assessment arrived at the time Dave had said to expect it, and was even more rigorous, thoughtful and helpful than the free sample assessment had been.  To be a little more concrete, some of Dave’s suggestions were:


  •             Greatly reduce the POV shifts.
  •             Greatly reduce the scene shifts.
  •             Rewrite many scenes so they were from the POV of the main character, not the second MC. In Dave’s words: “It’s Sara we want to be with; not Harmon.”
  •             Don’t make things too obvious (“Rule 1 really is respect the reader’s intelligence … if you give a subtle hint they will pick up on it.”)
  •             And so much more plotting and pacing advice that I can’t even list it all.


Dave has given me so much valuable and substantive feedback that I could never summarise it all here: just his Critique ran to over 9k words, for my 150k-word MS. In addition, he provided a detailed structurally-edited MS with something like a couple of thousand extremely helpful comments. You will not find a better editor.

But his biggest suggestion was that I had two books here!  He thought the first half could make a great book in its own right (if I could flesh it out enough to make a good plot for it by itself).  I reluctantly saw the wisdom in this, after thinking deeply and honestly about it, discussing it with Dave, and discussing it with my two key Beta readers.  So I went ahead, and re-worked it, and then had Dave do a 2nd critique of the new 1st book.  Dave was just as diligent, just as insightful, and just as helpful for this 2nd effort.

And lest you think that this is just my opinion, let me quote from a review on Amazon from someone who had seen and read most of the MS (via Amazon’s WriteOn writers workshop):

“Backstory/How I came to know about Wild Thing. Since I’m on a writing site, I do try to give feedback. Normally, though, I give feedback for the first chapter, but if the book is really good, I continue. I don’t continue reading most books that I read. But, Wild Thing was one of them, even though I never really finished it. I did read a fair bit before the author decided to use some professional editors.

 And woah, the difference is amazing! This is probably not relevant to 99% of the people out there, but I really want to say, that the changes in this book are amazing. I liked it before, but now, it’s a lot more fleshed out, and the characters feel a lot deeper. It’s amazing to see the story that was hiding under that first draft I read.”

Enough said, I feel.

Thanks, Dave: I’m looking forward to working with you on the whole series!

L.J Kendall.

Author of Wild Thing, Harsh Lessons, Shadow Hunt and more.


Mike Hill

There is no substitution for working with a skilled, professional editor, and there is no one better at the job than thEditors.com. Dave elevated the content and impact of my manuscript to a level I didn’t think possible, with a process that was enjoyable and informative. If you want to improve your book, hire thEditors.com they are absolutely brilliant.

Mike Hill.

Author of  ‘A Different Time’.


Catherine M. Walter.

I hired thEditors with some trepidation. I had to create a Paypal account and enter my credit card … oh, panic! I didn’t know what I’d get for the money I sent into the unknown internet world, but I felt desperate for accurate feedback.

This was some of the best money I’ve ever spent, especially in light of the amount of time I already invested in writing, researching and editing the book. They provided detailed grammar and punctuation notes as well as pointed, overall plot discussion, with piercing understanding of what the story needed.

They gave me objective feedback on how to tighten the plot, and told me of a major hole in the resolution. They told me to get rid of some characters and expand others. Where warranted, they offered overall chapter impressions. They identified repetition of ideas, speed of pace and places where I lost the reader. Their advice was perfect, and exactly what I needed. thEditors have minds trained to spot mistakes, but they also exhibit a love of language and story-telling that makes their edits, comments and advice gleam.

I’m so glad to have found them (via an online writing community), and I recommend their services, one hundred percent. I don’t think I could have found a better editing company!

Catherine M. Walter.

Author of: The Harmony of Isis



Jerrie Brock

Working with thEditors has been an amazing experience. For their very reasonable fee, a writer gets a proof read, their grammar corrected, and and most importantly, loads of useful suggestions or thoughts to help develop a person’s skills as well as their manuscript. The communication is easy and friendly, their assistance generous, and best of all, they are so very positive and encouraging, particularly to fledgling writers. I do not think a writer could go wrong using thEditors if they truly want the chance to see their stories take shape in a ready to publish form. I highly recommend their services.

Jerrie Brock

Author of: Something Taken and Something Returned


Anna Bloom

I decided to work with David Taylor and his team at thEditors.com on my second full novel and it will probably go down as one of the best decisions I have made in my writing career so far.

At first I was concerned about working with a male editor on a manuscript very firmly written for the female demographic but I needn’t have worried. My style and way of writing was completely understood from the first page, and I found by the time I had worked through the suggested amendments my story was far stronger than the one I had managed to create on my own.

For me it is not just the speed, the efficiency and the amazing end result that ultimately proves to me that I made the right choice in choosing theEditors. It’s the fact that I met someone who I have been able to develop a unique creative relationship with, and I am 100% convinced that I will never have to look for another editor again. I simply cannot rate the work of thEditor’s highly enough.

Anna Bloom – Author of The Uni Files Series


Lee Bowman

I wrote my first book, “Heartwood and the Witches of Larista!” It was a labor of love. I edited with family and friends for a couple of years. However, I wanted to have a professional editor review my work and go beyond the grammatical corrections. I wanted insight and suggestions to conceptually enhance my story.  I wanted to work in a collaborative manner and found that with thEditors.

I initially worked with one editor, Dave, who not only read my book but really got into it. He picked up on ideas that I should have seen, but, “being in the forest” I missed. That is the beauty working with thEditors; they sink their teeth into your work! They give reasoning behind their suggestions, with an understanding of your original idea but keeping true to the plotline. They pointed out characters that needed to be fleshed out and patterns in my writing that I needed to improve on. There was a better method to write that sentence or portray that person. They critique the story which is critical and they do it professionally. I grew as a writer.  Do I dare say the cliché, synergy? They help you and by helping you, they help themselves, which is all good my book!

Lastly, they go above and beyond! They took the time to give sound, practical advice on other matters regarding my work. I no longer have a nagging feeling that it isn’t complete.  My writing is so much better, as if, it is finally the book it was meant to be.  Oh, and I am writing my second book in the trilogy and without a doubt, I will go to my awesome editor, thEditors.

Lee Bowman

Author of: Heartwood and the Witches of Larista



Leigh James

I hired thEditors after finding them through an online writing community. I had just finished the first draft of my novel, Liberty Begins, and was mulling self-publishing.

Let me say this: this was the best money I’ve ever spent!

As an independent author, I was petrified about sending my book into the world without professional help. There are so many book reviews out there complaining about self-published works that have poor grammar and are poorly edited, if at all. thEditors was the solution. Dave was wonderful to work with — he caught grammatical errors, annoying repetitions, and made very, very helpful content suggestions. He was professional, prompt, and fun to work with.

Leigh James

Author of: Liberty begins


Lane Keller

thEditors rock! Here’s why:

TheEditors came to my aid in the eleventh hour as I was preparing my manuscript for a major submission. Despite the lack of time and many intersecting storylines, they took on the project, working day and night to keep up with my frantic pace. They were able to cut through the layers of political history and go right for the book’s jugular, the character and story issues, offering me concise and incisive feedback in what was a massive effort in a short period of time.  Besides being fast and intelligent, they are intuitive editors who will not confuse or destroy your work, as so many in their profession will do. Instead, they grasp the book’s themes as well as what you are aspiring to say, and work beside you to say it in the clearest way possible. Given the chance, I will work with them again and again. I owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

Lane Keller

Author of: Covenant of Poppies



Kit Sergeant

I first heard about thEditors from the Amazon Breakthrough Novel message boards, and decided to send them my first 5000 words. I knew as soon as I got my complementary excerpt back that I would be hiring them. Dave told me that my beginning needed to be re-worked and gave me some helpful suggestions on where to go with the two main characters. A few months later, I sent him back the entire manuscript, including the new beginning. I am extremely happy with the end result. The editing is thorough and honest, but never condescending. It’s also a great deal——you get much more than you pay for!
I can’t tell you how thankful I am to Dave and theEditors for helping me grow as a writer, but I can tell you that I will be working with them again!
Kit Sergeant
Author of Thrown for a Curve and soon to be released What It Is


Fran Louise

I’ve been working with Dave on my most recent romance novel ‘Having Nathan’s Baby’. The whole experience has been exciting and very encouraging.

To get started I sent an extract of the original manuscript to thEditors. Dave sent back a first review – there were comments on my style, and a critique of the opening scene. From the start I found Dave’s feedback encouraging – his approach is friendly and collaborative. He acknowledges what you have done well, and he is equally as honest about the areas that need work. So I signed up for a full proofread, and this included an analysis of plot and character development.

I couldn’t have guessed what would eventually come back, and it’s more apparent to me now than ever that professional, objective feedback is critical when it comes to tightening up your work. The feedback is, of course, there for you to employ as you wish. I chose to follow all of Dave’s advice and rework certain scenes, characters, POV, and finally the pacing. I’m thrilled with the final product and very proud of the work we’ve done.

Dave also did an additional proofread of the final manuscript, and then gave it to Rachel to perform a read-through. It was very useful to have this critique of the final version; it gave me an insight into how it might be received by readers.

I’d highly recommend thEditors whether you are considering self-publishing or submitting a novel to a publisher. In addition to knowing you have a solid final product, you’ll also taking away with you some valuable insights into your writing, and techniques to use in future.

Fran Louise

Author of: Having Nathan’s Baby


Andrea White

Last year I entered Amazon’s Breakthrough Novelist Contest. There were three elimination rounds and I was pleased to make it through the first one.  Sadly, I was eliminated at the second round and while I was given positive feedback about my story, the reviewers all commented that my book desperately needed editing.  I knew they were right and so I set about finding someone to edit my novel, Under the Ivy.

To facilitate this search, I set up a discussion group on the Amazon writer’s website and asked for referrals.  I received a number of good leads and after some research I decided to try thEditors.com and I’m so glad that I did.  First, and most importantly, Dave and his team did an amazing job editing my book, the quality of their work was first rate and their feedback was invaluable.  In addition to that, the cost of this service was very reasonable and I found my interactions with Dave to be both professional and extremely pleasant.  I strongly recommend this service!

Andrea White

Author of: Under the Ivy


Helena Gezels
“I had been looking for professionals to help me with my manuscript for a while when I found thEditors on Twitter. As I had researched editing services before, and found them miles above my budget, I was pretty certain I wouldn’t be able to afford this one either. But they said they would edit the first 5000 words for free, after which they’d decide whether they’d take on the manuscript. I was curious whether I’d make it through the first round of elimination, so I gave it a try. And they surprised me. Not only was the feedback on the first 5000 words extremely helpful and constructive, but when I asked for an estimated price, I found that it was much more doable than any of the other services I’d researched. They were willing to take on my manuscript;  I said yes, and haven’t regretted it for a second. They pinpointed exactly what the weak spots in my novel were, and made lots of helpful suggestions on how to solve them. In case of technical problems they took the time to explain what I was doing wrong, why it was wrong, and how to fix it. Thanks to their help, I am sure that I’ll be able to make my novel the best it can be. I strongly recommend them.”
 Helena Gezels
Author of: The Sum of Our Parts


Julia Finley

As a writer in the television and social media industries, putting words on paper has been a big part of my life for years. Writing an entire book, however, is a whole different ballgame!  As a first-time novelist, I’m often unsure whether I’m steering my story in the right direction or even holding the reader’s attention.  Luckily, I discovered thEditors.com while participating in an online forum for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest (ABNA).  ThEditors.com graciously offered to help many of us improve our entries. Their extremely professional and unbiased opinions helped me tighten, polish, and add more emotion to my prose.  I’m proud of the result and plan to utilize their advice and techniques as I continue to edit the remaining chapters of my novel.  I will definitely call on thEditors.com when it comes time to prepare my manuscript for publishing.

Julia Finley Mosca ~ Copywriter for American Greetings, Author of PRETTY HAPPY PEOPLE


David H. Sharp

My name is David H Sharp author of ‘The Murder of Crows’ a top 10 horror novel available for download on Amazon. The first book of my upcoming trilogy ‘The Dust’ will be out in the shortly. I found David and Rachael, thEditors.com, on Twitter and I contacted them about proof reading and editing my book. What a fantastic service! They were quick and easy to deal with and my manuscript came back with all sorts of fantastic advice and is now a far stronger piece. I would highly recommend this service to any Indy Author who is thinking of self publishing in the ebook world.

David H. Sharp

Author of: The Dust


K.R. Schulteis

I discovered thEditors while preparing my pitch for the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. After several attempts at crafting this brief, elusive, yet all important piece of writing and failing with heroic flair, I knew I needed help. So I turned to thEditors.

In no time at all, they were able to point out exactly what worked and what didn’t. It turned out I wasn’t capturing my story at all. Somehow, despite never having read a word of my novel, they were able to identify where I was going wrong and, armed with their valuable advice and insight, I was finally able to craft a pitch that captured the reader’s attention. I would have never made it past the first round without their help.

I was so impressed with their ability to zone in on the crux of the problem; I submitted my intended excerpt to them as well. Once again, they were able to guide me in preparing my entry, advising me true as to what to leave in, what to take it out. The results? Uniformly positive praise on the writing. I could not have asked for more in such a stiff competition.

Thank you, thEditors.

K.R. Schulteis

Author of: Chasing Danny


Cynthia Robinson

One day on the ABNA discussion boards where pitches were being critiqued among contest participants, I started seeing very helpful and spot-on comments from an outfit who called themselves ThEditors. When ThEditors offered to critique the 3,000-5,000-word excerpts we were preparing as well, I thought I’d send mine along and see how it went. Dave’s and Ciara’s thorough and insightful comments were served up with a double-helping of tough love (Dave told me I should scrap the first chapter entirely and rewrite it from scratch, which I did). It resulted in a much stronger piece that got through the round. They clearly know what they’re doing!

Cynthia Robinson

Author of: The Science of Birds


Beth Iancone (J.B. Ring)

I am an aspiring writer using the pen name J. B. Ring and have self-published my first novel, All The Puzzle Pieces through a subsidiary of Amazon.com.

My first experience with thEditors.com was during one of the pre ABNA discussion links featuring the first 500 words of potential submissions to the contest. The idea was to get feedback and suggestions from other writers also submitting material to the contest. They joined the discussion and offered to read and give advice on our submissions. The turnaround time for the critique and recommendations was quite expeditious and extremely helpful. The advice was given by two editors, yes, two experienced editors with different perspectives, and their thoughts helped me look at my written word in a new light. While I did not chose to go forward at this time with that manuscript, I have implemented some of their ideas and suggestions as well as some new twists of my own to improve the quality of the finished product.

I would definitely recommend thEditors.com to new or experienced writers and will certainly make use of their expertise in the future.

Keep your imagination sparked,

Beth Ianacone


Paulo Barata

As any writer knows only too well, we are all obsessively driven to finish a story, albeit forgetting that revision and cleaning up can take almost an equal effort and even more time than the imaginings of a plot line or a character’s build-up. In an age where anyone who can write a line can also get (at least) self-published, the work of editors and reviewers is even more essential and will mark the difference between a mediocre piece of prose and a consistent and well written work. Having experienced the critique and suggestions offered by ThEditors, it is all too clear to me the added value they brought to my own book.


Paulo Barata

Author of: Seculary



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